Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Still Engaged, But...

megan fox brian austin green

It was widely reported that Transformers star Megan Fox and ex-90210 hunk Brian Austin Green had called off their engagement and broken up. As it turns out, the couple are still very much together, but in counseling. I don't know about you, but if you're in counseling before you get married...but I digress. I guess some kudos should be thrown their way for not giving up on love so easily.

"They decided to enter counseling in hopes of staying together. It was a mutual decision. Lots of couples go to therapy together, and they are committed to try and make it work." - Touch Weekly

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    eyassu said:

    megan fox baby, she still doesn't know she is a settler....& besides there is no way that this dude is her match... i'm you'r match baby......

    Posted at 07:09 AM, on December 1 2010

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